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“I was reminded that we…

“I was reminded that we don’t know when or where our time on Earth will end. When or where we will breathe our last breath,”

Jessica Redfield


A Dark Night Rises

I have learned over the past two days not to take anything for granted, that each breath we take is a gift not a right, each laugh we hear trickle into our ears is a blessing not an annoyance and each time we open our eyes we should look at the world with wonderment, not disgust at how it’s another plain old boring day. Because a boring day is sometimes the best day of them all. 

Two days a shooting occurred in Aurora, Colorado and twelve people died… Twelve lives that could have done great things, that could have made an impact we’re taken in all of ten minutes. Jessica Redfield one of the deceased was an aspiring young broadcaster who had a chance to do great things, her night was meant to be watching Christian Bale in a skin tight Batman costume not hiding under a cinema chair fearing for her life.. which was unfortunately taken. Jessica’s last tweet was “MOVIE DOESN’T START FOR 20 MINUTES”… it makes my heart burn knowing that fifty minutes later her heart ceased.

I wasn’t old enough when September the eleventh happened to know where I was when the events unfolded but I know it made a tragic mark on society. But I’m old enough now to remember this lesson.. I was sitting on my double bed having a conversation with my best friend through tumblr whilst messing around with my dog William when atleast ten people died. 

Lives we’re changed whilst mine was spared, I can’t seem to comprehend what people must have felt and heard.. I just hope every begins living their life with wonderment and take everything for granted because in ten minutes you might not have it.

xx Jasmine 


So today I made an enemy, his name was Cockorpion…. He was no greater than a tenth of a metre, two to three centimetres wide and completely and utterly terrifying. I was dancing as one always does at Eleven Thirty Pee Emm when….. he appeared. Crawling out from under the door, he approached me confidently and cocky. His beady eyes set sight on my sock covered foot, but luckily just before he could strike… his cover was blown and I retreated to my bed in a quick flash to begin thinking of a fool proof battle plan grabbing the broom from my closet in the midst. 

Standing his ground Cockorpion remained unharmed by my attempts at blinding him with mounds of dust and sand, but retreated to the couch, hiding next to one of it’s four legs. We had a stand off.. our eyebrows were furrowed, my blue eyes pierced through his black screens causing him to break a sweat, although his poker face remained intact.

Several minutes past as I realised my trusted warrior William the Vicious Dog was not going to take on Cockorpion, and left the battle soley to me. I placed my feet carefully on the ground, being hesitant with each moment as Cockorpion remained contemplating his next move. Grasping my hands tightly around the broom, I used it as a shield aswell as a sword, swiping at Cockorpion whilst he contemplated. Snatching my ‘Face Of Australia’ nail polish remover off my bobby pin, cd and jewellery infested dresser I made my way over to the couch, taking a stance to be reckoned with. 

Peering over the back of the couch, Cockorpion stared up into my eyes with a look of confusion playing across his face. I gave a slight smirk and leaned further over the couch to get a better aim. Unscrewing the nail-polish remover lid a sanitary scent cleansed the room. Extending my arm out with the green bottle of nail-polish remover I tilted my hand and grinned as a drop was released and began falling to the floor. A silent scream escaped Cockorpion’s small but vicious mouth before he felt the sting of acid shudder across his body. 

Feeling successful as he swiftly stumbled back through the door he had previously entered, I stood up more carelessly and looked for a object that would avoid a rematch or deja vous, I found spotted a sheet.. It was freshly cleaned, but was needed to stop the enemy. 

After stuffing the blue tie died sheet under the door tightly I retreated to my bed, a grin played upon my lips and I compared myself to Buffy The Vampire Slayer…. I was Jasmine the Cockorpion Slayer and this was my story.

By Jasmine Leigh.